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A note from Lynn Markiewicz

Lynn MarkiewiczOur work is built around a strong belief that effective team working is key to the delivery of high quality and compassionate health and social care. With my co-founder Michael West and our small team, we work across the NHS and with others who recognise the positive impact of high performing teams on patient and organisational outcomes.

Why focus on teams? Through their research, Michael and his colleagues have developed clear evidence that team working and inter-team working are absolutely critical to the delivery of many important healthcare outcomes. In fact, staff engagement is the best overall predictor of trust outcomes such as care quality, financial performance, patient mortality (in the acute sector), patient satisfaction and staff absenteeism.

Our aim is to help organisations to build good team and inter-team working. Our research-based tools are widely used by Service Improvement, OD and Learning Development practitioners who want to assess, develop and monitor the performance of teams but struggle with limited resources and constant change.

We help them to build an in-house capacity to develop effective team working across their organisations using tools developed from relevant and robust research backed up by a cost-effective model of training, delivery and support.

I hope we can help you too.

Diagnostic Tools

Assessing the core dimensions of team effectiveness through the Aston Team Performance Inventory and the Aston Real Team Profile Plus.
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Development Tools

A structured approach to increasing team effectiveness through the online Aston Team Journey and the Aston Team Performance Toolkit.
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Training and Support

The knowledge, skills and inspiration you need to apply the tools in your own organisation
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Professor Michael West

Why team based working?

Download our flyer About Team Based Working to find out more

  • Team based working organisations respond quickly and effectively in change environments.
  • Teams enable organisations to learn and to retain learning more effectively
  • Cross functional teams promote improved quality management and are more creative.
  • Cross functional design teams promote more radical change.
  • An analysis of the combined results of 131 studies of organisational change found that interventions with the largest effect upon financial performance were team development interventions.
  • Staff who work in effective teams report higher levels of involvement and commitment.
  • Staff who work in effective teams have lower stress levels than those who do not.

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